Rocco Nugent


With an impressive work ethic and an iron-clad desire to achieve lofty goals, Rocco Nugent won’t quit until he’s succeeded. Rocco is an old soul with a kind heart.  His charisma is sincere, while his smile and ambitious attitude are contagious. 

As the son of rocker Ted Nugent, Rocco has been on television since he was a baby. With appearances on MTV, VH1, E! Entertainment, CMT, the Outdoor Channel and numerous regional TV stations, Rocco is at home in front of the camera. Pursuing careers in both acting and music were a slam dunk for him. 

Everything changed, however, when Rocco began playing basketball.  As a high school sophomore, his passion quickly turned to sports.  Rocco knew the only way to improve his basketball skills was to move to an inner city school where few of his peers had ever heard of his famous father.  Rocco struggled learning the ropes of being the underdog and minority, but the sweat equity paid off.  His success on the basketball court earned him a full-ride college scholarship offer, great friends and a new outlook on life. However, realizing that music and acting were in his blood, Rocco decided to return to his roots, move to Los Angeles, and pursue the passions that fuel him. 

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Rocco has been cultivating his acting & music career and making quite an impression. In addition to having been cast in several independent films, Rocco wrote, recorded & released a rap album, and directed numerous music videos.  Rocco is a perfectionist and, when he does something, he does it right.

Rocco was born in Michigan and moved to Texas when he was thirteen years old, a place he’ll always call home.