Julio Iglesias, Jr.


Julio Iglesias Jr. was born in Madrid, Spain to Spanish music icon Julio Iglesias and the elegant Isabel Preysler. With the Iglesias stamp, coupled with Preysler’s style, he’s added a unique touch to an already powerful lineage.

When still a young boy, the Iglesias family moved to Miami where Julio grew up bilingual amidst the fusion of American and Latino cultures. His exotic features helped his professional career take shape as a model for prestigious designers such as Versace and as an actor in a U.S. television series Out of the Blue. Julio’s core passion has always been music and, in 1995, he went outside of his comfort zone and released his first album, Under My Eyes, an album of rock and soul, entirely in English.

In 2002, Julio decided to return to his roots and native language by recording Tercera Dimension (Third Dimension), a Spanish rock album, which he collaborated on with producers such as Pete Masitti (Olga Tanon, Hootie & The Blowfish, Danny Wood) and Luis Fernando Ochoa (Shakira, Bacilos, Ricky Martin).

In 2009, Julio recorded his third album Por La Mitad (Time after Time), consisting of his interpretation of famous artists past hit songs sung in Spanish, which included The Way I Want You, the song that won him the competition on the first season of the CMT reality show Gone Country in 2008. 

Since then, Julio has released a series of dance music in Europe with renown DJ Abel the Kid, including Piece of my Love featuring Snoop Dogg.  Most recently, Julio has released a song in Italy with singing sensation Anamor titled Amo Di Te, which he sings entirely in Italian.  Next, he’s due to record a French album of popular love songs.  This year, he’ll embark on his fourth album, which he’ll sing in English.

Julio is a versatile artist with multiple talents.  In the States, Julio has starred on the TV series Hacienda Heights, hosted the red carpet pre-show to the Latin Grammys, appeared on several celebrity competition shows, and has made guest appearances on multiple TV shows.

In Spain, amongst many other programs, Julio has starred on such shows as the comedy El Club de Flo (Flo’s Club) and took part in the Spanish version of Dancing with the Stars called Mira Quien Baila, one of the top rated shows in Spain.

The elegance, distinction and style of Julio Iglesias Jr. helped him to be chosen as the image for the Spanish market of the brand of Swiss watches Bassel. He also represents the new advertising campaign for Garcia Baquero. Soy Underwear launched a collection with his name, designed by him and inspired by the tribal tattoo that Julio bears on his arm.

Julio is a true professional and gentleman with depth beyond his undeniable charm and charisma.  And, yet, with all his accomplishments and success, Julio still feels there is a world to discover.